Bowling is harder then it looks, seriously. If you think you can just simply fling the ball in hopes of knocking down loads of pins then you may have to change your mindset. I experienced it first hand when I went for a bowling competition for my department team building. Strikes and spares were far in between and in most of the frames, there was always one or two or sometimes ALL pins left standing. Fortunately cleaning the longkang/drain was not something which I am good at, phew……..

Though my team did not win the main prize, we did managed to be placed as second runners up….WHEY HEY…… that’s third place for a group of people who has never played any bit of bowling in 3 years. I am pretty impressed with myself as I managed to place 8th in the overall individual score standings, out of 25 people. 🙂

This was the first time we had anything this fun for our team building (most times our team buildings, are dining out)  and I am hoping the next team building would be a fun affair similar to this. The pre-competition taunts, the in-competition cheers and sillyness and the post-competition jeers to the winning teams made the entire experience a whole load of fun. Maybe for the next team building we can have a rematch for the losers to redeem themselves or some other sports/competitive games. At the end of the day we topped it all up with a great big buffet steamboat dinner at Lolipot. 🙂

The Teams; Clockwise from top-left: The Silent Killers, Freestyle Rockers, X-Gen, The Cleaners, The unpredictables, Bowling Bombs
Action on the Lanes, Dinner at Lolipot and Winners
FROM LEFT: The Top Strategist, The Top Striker, The Top Scorer and The Top Model
Top It All Up With a Great Big Team Picture

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