Hatyai 2011

This post is way way way….long over due. I should have written this sooner but I’ve only been a bit freed up recently. Work has been hectic for the past few months. Me and My Baby Joanne had a fun time at Hatyai, Thailand with Kah Heng, May Lin, Yu Ming and Mayki. As usual the girls was there for shopping but boy were they dissapointed as the selection of goods there are not even close to what is sold in Bangkok. They did buy a whole load of shoes though, Joanne alone bought 3-4 pairs of shoes. Why does women need so many pairs of shoes for?

The drive there was uneventful because we slept through the whole ride, and when we arrived it was packed as usual since it was a weekend. We checked into our hotel which was surprisingly good considering the that it was only Rm100++.

Well, there was nothing interesting to shout about at Hatyai and the only highlight for us was the floating market and the FOOD. We all ate like PIGS!!!….Have a look at the pictures of the food below. They look delicious!!

Hatyai 2011

Hatyai 2011

Hatyai Food

Hatyai Food


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