Yesterday my friend told me about a gaming solution for my laptop, an external Graphics Card :). I have never heard of a hardware like that and it got me all  excited because  I might  finally be able to play Diablo 3 when it launches.

Today I went to check on the hardware, there is only one available solution which is ViDock, from Village Instruments. Cool, there really is an external graphics card solution, excitement +1. Well that was the only exciting bit, the more I researched further the more disappointed I was. Well for starters, it’s a relatively new technology and it may not be compatible with all laptops. Its more like a gamble to buy it and get it to work on the computer. If I am lucky I may be able to get it to work for my laptop or else its going to be a waste of money.

Talking about the money bits, the device itself isn’t that cheap either. It is close to USD 200 for the cheapest model, and this is just for the casing to store the Graphics card. On top of that, I will have to buy a separate graphics card to be used with the casing. $#%^$#^ !!!! . If that’s the case, I can buy a new desktop to play Diablo 3 already. Sigh!! …… need to save more than, to get a new desktop, since “being the cheap skate” route did not work out.

OKAY so external graphics cards did not work but the itch to play high-end pc games is getting uncontrollable, so I went to research for other avenues to play them without getting a desktop. Found OnLive from Google search. It is a cloud computing solution to play games, all you need is a decent computer and a broadband Internet connection. All the games processing will be done in the cloud, in the company’s server so we are just using our decent computers to act as an input/output device and our Internet connection as a route to send information from the servers to our computer.

Well that sounds great right? I don’t have to spend money to buy a high-end system to play games………but wait….does it work in Malaysia???????

The answer is ……….NO!!!!…….



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